Dog Walking & Single Visits

Even if you aren’t out of town, animals need companionship. We can spend time with your cats and dogs in your home, and take your dog on walks or field trips.  

Single Visit and/or Dog Walking

Due to work, busy schedules, or possible physical limitations, not all owners are able to give their dogs the attention and exercise dogs need on a daily basis. This is why we offer single visits and dog walking. With rates based on 15-minute increments, we will give your pup the attention he or she needs.   

Single Visit Prices (for up to 3 pets)

15 minutes                $14

30 minutes                $17

 45 minutes                $21

      1 hour                    $23 

Field Trips

While field trips are fun and will give your dog plenty of exercise, think of field trips as an opportunity to take your dog’s training even further. These outings become an option once a dog demonstrates good leash-walking skills and low distractibility to people and vehicles. Because field trips take place in changing environments that include various distractions, this is a great way to work on training for a minimum of 45 minutes.

45 Minutes          $24

1 Hour                $26


Group Field Trips

*Group field trips are temporarily paused, we hope to resume soon!


Group field trips are an opportunity to practice obedience behaviors in numerous environments with other dogs. Owners are welcome to join us as we visit both urban and scenic locations throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette on Saturdays.

Group field trips start with Pawsitive Pets picking up dogs and bringing them to an off-leash play location to burn off extra energy prior to the field trip. From there, we will take the pups to one of our selected areas that provide enrichment and allow us the opportunity to practice around particular distractions. When we are finished, we will return all dogs to their homes. From pickup to drop-off, group field trips last 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Without owner present                                                                       $45
With owner present                                                                             $35
Additional Dog                                                                                      $25 without owner
(max. of two per household)                                                              $15 with owner

Dogs with a history of reactivity are subject to an additional $10 fee.




Cat Visits

Our services aren’t limited to dogs. We also want to be companions for your cats and are happy to visit and play with feline friends in your home. Cat visit rates are based on 15-minute increments.

15 minutes                $12
30 minutes               $14
45 minutes               $18
1 hour                        $21



We would love to work with you and your pet!