Committed to Enriching Pets' Lives Like you, we want your pets to be happy and healthy. Our services are designed with that goal in mind. LEARN MORE A Passion for Non-aversive Training We have a passion for animal behavior and for educating others on how force-free, science-based methods positively influence animal care. LEARN WHY Experienced & Certified We have team members who are certified in dog training and canine massage therapy. Our combined 16 years of experience and knowledge allow us to give clients (animals and humans alike) the best service possible. MEET OUR TEAM We Care Members of the Pawsitive Pets team are animal lovers responding to a need in Lafayette and West Lafayette. We aim to provide services that enrich the lives of both you and your pets. LEARN ABOUT OUR SERVICES

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Looking For Pet Services?


We'll keep your pets company, make sure they are well cared for, and give them the mental and physical stimulation they need while you're out of town.



Even if you aren’t out of town, animals need companionship. We can spend time with your cats and dogs in your home, as well as take your dog out on walks or field trips.



We’re happy to chauffeur dogs and cats to the groomer, kennel, vet, or anywhere else they need to go.



Years of experience and education make investing in animal training with Pawsitive Pets worthwhile. We address a multitude of behaviors and use non-aversive methods, which utilize positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors.



Just like you, we want your pets to be healthy, which is why Pawsitive Pets offers medicine administration help and services.



Canine massage therapy offers a multitude of benefits, including an improved disposition and maintaining certain physical conditions. Pawsitive Pets is certified in canine massage therapy.


For behavior and science-based pet services, contact us today!

Like you, we want your pets to be happy and healthy. Our team is happy to answer questions.

Pawsitive Pets | Force-Free Pet Care | West Lafayette, IN

Why Choose Pawsitive Pets?

Pawsitive Pets, LLC specializes in force-free, science-based methods of learning while providing enrichment and care for pets in Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN. Through our knowledge and skill set, we are able to promote and strengthen desirable pet behaviors while providing a reliable pet care service. Meet the Owners


Our clients (both animals and humans) are consistently happy with Pawsitive Pets. Our methods and services are:

  • Science-based
  • Behavior-based
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Enriching to pets' lives
  • Non-Aversive

What Clients Say About Pawsitive Pets, LLC

  • Both Hilary and Patrick have worked with my beagle. They are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced - and have a special way with dogs! Patrick worked with me and Cassie, my beagle puppy, on her recall. He taught us BOTH (especially me) some excellent techniques to use for good performance. I highly recommend this these two amazing people and their business!

    Nancy F
  • You guys are great! Hilary, you were wonderful with my buddy, Baxter! You really are amazing! Baxter loved you!

    Rita S
  • I trust Patrick with my animals, and I try very hard to follow his example and learn everything I can from him because it will benefit my little family. We love Patrick!

    Sue R
  • The caring, knowledgeable, professional people who have been providing almost daily visits for my cat, dog, and -- most importantly -- my young puppy (McGwire, Hugh, and Leo) are prompt and reliable . . . I highly recommend (Pawsitive Pets)!

    Jill E
  • Greatest relationship you'll develop through your animals ever. I trust Pawsitive Pets more than anyone to have a positive impact with my pets.

    MC C
  • Thanks to Patrick, I am now able to walk my dog, Hank, without being pulled everywhere. Hank is a big bloodhound and weighs over 100 pounds. Patrick has taught him to walk at my side, wait at street corners, leave it, and walk past distractions without pulling. Dog walking is now a fun part of my day.

    Carol M
  • We have had Patrick care for Rowdy when we have been out of town and especially appreciate our daily emails from Patrick detailing his day. We would highly recommend his service.

    Linda F
  • Congratulations on opening your business. We have been very pleased with the great training Patrick Holland has provided our puppy, my husband Rick and I. He has gone to great lengths to help our anxious White German Shepard, Otis. While we were on Spring Break he went to the kennel and worked with him every day. I'm glad to say that Otis is much calmer and we are better doggy parents!

    Jenna T
  • Pat is very knowledgeable and has great experience handling dogs at any and every stage. He is friendly, professional, and educates his clients on how to continue to promote positive behavior long term in your furry friends!

    Lauren E
  • Wow! Patrick has been so great to work with! Maddie is really excited to see him when he arrives and her habits and behavior improvements are very obvious. We were looking for someone to help us get her outside during our longer work days. To have someone consistently training her at the same time, was an awesome find! He's great to work with, super friendly and has a sense of humor.

    Eunice W
  • I am so happy with my experiences at Pawsitive Pets. Shay has benefited so much from their training. Her walks with them are the highlight of week. She even lets them clip her nails with no fuss. They are professional and simply superb!

    Judy C
  • I contacted Pawsitive Pets because my puppy wouldn't listen to me and pulled when I tried to go on walks. Patrick helped me train her to be more calm and now I am able to go on walks with her and apply the training aspects I learned. I learned just as much as Ruby!

    Rachel W

Our Service Area

Pawsitive Pets’ service area is a 7-mile radius surrounding Purdue University. If you would like to work with Pawsitive Pets but do not live within this area, we will gladly work with you and your pets for an additional $0.75/mile we must travel outside of our service area.

Pawsitive Pets | Force-Free Pet Care | West Lafayette, IN