Massage Therapy

Certified in canine massage therapy, Pawsitive Pets is an advocate of massage therapy due to the multitude of benefits, which include enhanced muscle tone, reduced inflammation and swelling in joints (which alleviates pain), endorphin release, lengthened connective tissue, increased synovial joint fluid, and many other benefits. Put simply, massage therapy helps maintain your dog’s physical condition and generally improves disposition.

We offer one-hour and half-hour massages. Both include a full-body massage and a short, five-minute walk before and after the massage to warm up the muscles and flush out lactic acid that is released during the massage. An essential oil can be added to your dog’s massage for a small fee.  

Massage Therapy Prices

Hour Massage                              $40

30 Minute Massage                     $25

Essential Oil Add-on                     $5

We would love to work with you and your pet!