Pet Transport

Pet Transport

We’re happy to chauffeur dogs and cats to the groomer, kennel, vet, or anywhere else they need to go. Our vehicles are equipped with seatbelt buckles and a safety harnesses in case owners desire their pets to be restrained. A crate is also available for cats and dogs if that travel method is preferred. To prevent potential injuries, we also have a ramp for large dogs and for dogs who have trouble climbing into a vehicle.

We recognize that traveling in a vehicle can be stressful for animals. If your pet displays stress or anxiety while traveling, we highly recommend scheduling a consult to work on counter conditioning.  

Pet Taxi Prices

One-way trip                                                                                              $17

Round-trip ride to a specific location                                                     $30

 Round-trip ride to vet                                                                               $45

We would love to work with you and your pet!